A4 Paper Cutting Machine 01 A4 Paper Cutting Machine 01

A4 Paper Cutting Machine

Main Performance

  • Hydraulic system is adopted to pick up the paper reels. Magnetic Power Brake is adopted to control the tension, keeping the machine run
  • Slitting Blade is made in German ,featured by accurate positioning, easy adjustment, long service time and less grinding
  • Cross Sheeting blade is made in German, TCT. Synchro type, shear cutting method
  • Conveying belt is from Switzerland Rapplon, and the Timing Belt is from German Continental
  • The German vibration motor is adopted, low noise
  • Rubber drawing roller is adopted to pull the paper forwards. Long service time
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Introduction of A4 Paper Cutting Machine

  • A4 Photocopy Paper Cut Size Sheeting and Wrapping Machine is our fully new creation.
  • Advance technology is adopted, enhancing production speed greatly.
  • The cutting precision is highly accurate, and achieving international standards of full automatic production.
  • The effect of saving labor and time are realized simultaneously.
After-sale Service:
    Installation & Commissioning:

  • Buyers can send staff to our factory to install, modulate machines and to be trained in operating for free.
  • Supplier can also dispatch engineers to buyers' company to install, modulate machines and train buyers' technicians.
  • Warranty Clauses:

  • Within the warranty period, supplier provides free parts replacement and repair services to buyers.
  • Technical assistance:

  • Supplier provides free lifelong remote technical support. We assist buyers with the first technical guidance in our normal working hours.
Unwinding Paper Reels124
Number of Pockets244
Net Cutting Width840 mm
Paper GSM60-100 g
Length of Sheeted Paper297 mm
Speed1010 t/min738 t/min
Accuracy± 0.2mm
Total Power10 KW22 KW
Overall Dimension6.8*6.6*1.8 m16*2.75*2.1 m16.5*2.75*2.1 m
Weight10 T12 T15 T