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Automatic UV Oil Coating Machine

Main Performance

  • The product has the functions of automatic paper feeding and collection, has rapid printing speed and improves the productivity effect
  • The inside of the drying oven adopts a UV automatic skew detection mechanism in high precision
  • The reasonable fan cooling system ensures aqueous varnishing and drying effects.
  • Three-roller reversal head guarantees no stripe mark.
  • The machine has industrial aesthetics design, beautiful and elegant appearance, scientific structure and stable performance
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Introduction of Automatic UV Oil Coating Machine

  • It is a paper surface varnishing (UV) and polishing machine which is suitable for the varnishing and polishing process of various paper (80-600g/m²)
  • various paper prints after processing greatly improve surface gloss; the print surface has the damp-proof and water-proof effects. The machine adopts the reversing mechanism to make the oil layer thinner and more even.
  • The machine also adopts a computer air knife device, a strong absorption mechanism and a right-and-right scraper transmission mechanism.
  • It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, simple and convenient operation and high automation degree
After-sale Service:
    Installation & Commissioning:

  • Buyers can send staff to our factory to install, modulate machines and to be trained in operating for free.
  • Supplier can also dispatch engineers to buyers' company to install, modulate machines and train buyers' technicians.
  • Warranty Clauses:

  • Within the warranty period, supplier provides free parts replacement and repair services to buyers.
  • Technical assistance:

  • Supplier provides free lifelong remote technical support. We assist buyers with the first technical guidance in our normal working hours.
Min. paper size*390*320mm*390*320mm
Paper Thickness80-600g/m²≥250g/m²
Working speed80m/min
Voltage380v 50Hz
Motor Power2.5kw3.5kw2.5kw3.5kw
Total power65kw70kw18kw (15 pcs*1.2kw)
Infrared Heating Power18kw (15 pcs*1.2kw)24kw (3 groups*8kw)
Ultraviolet Heating Power24kw (3groups*8kw)65kw70kw
Machine Weight3000kg4500kg2600kg3500kg
Overall Dimension9800*2000*1600mm11800*2000*1800mm8700*1800*1450mm10800*1800*1750mm
PackageSeaworthy packing
Loading40” container