ZWCA-1400/1700(Color tracking)

color tracking color tracking
Paper Roll Cutting Machine 02 Paper Roll Cutting Machine 02
Paper Roll Cutting Machine 03 Paper Roll Cutting Machine 03
Paper Roll Cutting Machine 04 Paper Roll Cutting Machine 04

Photoelectric tracking paper sheeter machine

Main Performance

  • The system is controlled by automatic tension control. So no need to artificially adjust the brake pressure
  • Adjusting the roll paper due to the curl of the paper, making the paper smooth
  • Antistatic device gets rid of the static electricity on the paper
  • Paper receiver can stack down automatically, and the design of three side piles makes the paper stacking neater
  • Conveyor takes advantage of the velocity distinction of the conveyor, and makes the paper superposition transport
  • The world's advanced technology siemens is adopted on PLC, keeping the whole equipment's program and circuit control stable and running without accident
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Introduction of Paper roll cutting machine

  • ZWC high-speed paper sheeter machine is a machine that cut industrial roll paper(wrapping paper) to product flat sheet of paper.
  • And following advanced technology, the major transmission system of this machine driven by AC servo motor to ensure the cutting process is fast,

    continuous and stable.
  • The Control system contain touchscreen control panel, several positions control point, and user-friendly Interface. This high-speed cutter has linked

    diverse tasks, such as correct paper offset, photoelectric tracking to automated systems.
  • These systems concept provides a tailored solution accurately and efficiently for post press finishing.
After-sale Service:
    Installation & Commissioning:

  • Buyers can send staff to our factory to install, modulate machines and to be trained in operating for free.
  • Supplier can also dispatch engineers to buyers' company to install, modulate machines and train buyers' technicians.
  • Warranty Clauses:

  • Within the warranty period, supplier provides free parts replacement and repair services to buyers.
  • Technical assistance:

  • Supplier provides free lifelong remote technical support. We assist buyers with the first technical guidance in our normal working hours.
Reference weight of cutting paper50-500g/m250-500g/m2
Max.Diameter of paper1650mm(65〃)Max1650mm(65〃)Max
Max.Pieces of paper1400mm(55〃)Max1700mm(67〃)Max
Total power23KW25KW
Cutting length400-1600mm400-1600mm
Cutting accuracy+/-0.4mm+/-0.4mm
Maximum cutting speed300cuts/min300cuts/min
Maximum cutting meter speed300m/min300m/min
Atmospheric pressure0.8MPa0.8MPa
Power supplyAC380V/220Vx50HZAC380V/220Vx50HZ
Total weight10000kg11000kg