ZWMB Series

Paper laminating machine 01 Paper laminating machine 01

Semi-auto laminating glueless and thermal film laminating machine

Main Performance

  • The heating roller is equipped with U-shaped heat pipes and is filled with the heating transfer oil, uniform and stable in temperature.
  • Work platform equipped with inflatable structures to facilitate the pushing of paper and feed.
  • With a highly reliable protection of the six groups of grating, ensuring operator safety.
  • Hook-like structure mounted knife, make easy work tool changes.
  • High-precision, high rigidity box-type paper sector, the wiring of the double-rail to ensure that the paper feed precision.
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Introduction of Semi-auto laminating glueless and thermal film laminating machine

  • Semi-automatic laminating machine is a kind of equipment which can be used for composite processing for precoat and printing.
  • The laminating machine resorts to hydraulic driving in that the heat pipe filled with heating transfer oil has a heat roller in it
  • The cutting roller is driven by cylinders. Thus the products have significant advantages in good adhesion, high transparency and good stereoscopic impression.
  • The laminating machine is advanced in design, reasonable in structure and stable in performance; besides, it looks nice and elegant, small in size, light and can save power.
After-sale Service:
    Installation & Commissioning:

  • Buyers can send staff to our factory to install, modulate machines and to be trained in operating for free.
  • Supplier can also dispatch engineers to buyers' company to install, modulate machines and train buyers' technicians.
  • Warranty Clauses:

  • Within the warranty period, supplier provides free parts replacement and repair services to buyers.
  • Technical assistance:

  • Supplier provides free lifelong remote technical support. We assist buyers with the first technical guidance in our normal working hours.
Max.Laminating Width700mm880mm1100mm
Laminating Temperature≤130℃
Paper Thickness80-500g/㎡
Laminating Speed53m/min
Total power13kw(normal is a half)
Diameter of Heating Roller268/320mm
Diameter of Film Paper core≤76mm(3 inch)
Total Weight900kg1100kg1350kg
Overall Dimension3180*1580*1900mm3180*1780*1900mm3180*2060*1900mm